Investment Criteria

As mentioned on the front page, we are interested in investing in companies with the following characteristics:

  1. Life Sciences: We would broadly define this as anything to do with either health or food. 
  2. China Nexus: We look only at investments that have some nexus to China, although we broadly define this nexus.
  3. Experienced Team: We prefer management that has “done it before.”
  4. Marketing Sales Message: We prefer business models that are marketing/sales oriented as compared to technology oriented. This does not mean that we do not like technology since we believe that every company should have some unique technology or methodology in order to be able to differentiate itself. However, we must have confidence in both the marketing/sales strategy and the management’s ability to implement that strategy. 
  5. Clear Executive Summary: If you cannot put your ideas succinctly on paper then we probably will not be interested.
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